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Completely automated software to recover 7z password and unlock 7z file. Get back the access to your important data that available in locked 7Z file. With the assistance of 7z Password Cracker, easily remove password from 7ZIP file.

  • Restore 7ZIP/7Z file lost or forgotten password.
  • Recover 7Z password of any length without restrictions.
  • No professional knowledge or additional software is need to Unlock Password Protected 7-ZIP file.

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Award Winning 7Z Password Unlocker Tool

The solution enables users to access their data from locked 7z files if the user has forgotten their password. Through this 7z Password unlocking program, users become able to retrieve their lost password. Within a shortest time, its complete password retrieving job to offer the immediate results. With different mode of password recovery this tool finds and provides the password to its users.

brute force attack recovery method

Recover 7Z file Password with Brute Force Attack

Execute the recovery job with the Brute Force Attack recovery method. Find a password that you have generated with any character combinations. The software will search your password by making different combinations of character types one by one. It will recover recover/restore any symbolic or alphanumeric 7z file password. Get 100 guaranteed results for successful recovery of a completely lost password.

mask attack recovery method

Mask Attack Method to Retrieve 7z Password

It will be easier to find a lost password if you know some letters of the password. To make this work possible, this software has offered a mask attack. Users who have any clue related to the password then this method can be a great option for them. Input the known letters and the rest of the letters will be recovered by the tool automatically. Unlock 7 zip file passwords with less effort and save your valuable time with this mask attack method.

dictionary attack recovery method

7Z Password Recovery with Dictionary Attack

Users who created their password with a word that available in dictionary should use the dictionary attack mode. The software has in-build dictionary file which enable users to find English word password easily. This dictionary containing 30000+ English word from which its finds user's password. Users can also customize the set of words of the dictionary or add a new file according to their preference.

Smart Features of 7z Password Unlocker Software

7z password recover and unlock solution
  • Simple process to Recover lost 7zip file password with accuracy.
  • Fast & safe password scanning and retrieving algorithms.
  • Recover Unlimited 7z File Password of all small to long length.
  • No restriction regarding 7z/Zip file size for password recovery job.
  • Provides a panel to check the status of 7z file password recovery process.
  • Password recovery with 3-techniques - Brute Force, Dictionary Attack and Mask Attack with Brute Force.
  • 100% confirmed 7z Password Recovery and Opening.
  • Recovered password copy in a single click with copied to clipboard option.
  • Receive the password and get a separate option to Open 7z file directly.
  • Simple graphical interface that is easily understandable and accessible by all kind of users.
  • Run & operate the software on any version of Windows O/S to Unlock 7z file password.

Note: - Demo version of the software recovers password's first 3-characters for free.

Customization in Recovery Strategies

Brute Force Attack Recovery Settings

Get the ability for customing Brute Force attack settings-

  • Set Password Length: - select the length of password (minimum to maximum) of which you want to perform recovery.
  • Add Starting or ending part: - enter the known part of your password (suffix and prefix).
  • Character Set: - select character set of which you want to make combination for password recovery. Choose Lower Case (a-z), Upper Case (A-Z), Number Digits (0-9), and Special Symbols (-_@#$).
Brute Force Attack settings

Settings for Mask Attack

Users who want to recover only few characters of their password can use Mask attack and apply these settings, like -

  • Mask String: - Enter known characters of your password and for unknown character add the “?” symbol. (for example: - A1???CD?).
  • Character Set: - Choose a character set of which you want to retrieve lost password.
Mask Attack settings

Dictionary Attack Settings

For recovery of password that are created with a word that available in dictionary apply this technique. Use the software inbuilt dictionary file that containing over 5000 words. Users can easily edit this file to add new word and erase some word.

Also, users can add a new .dic file containing the words that specified by users of any language.

Dictionary Attack settings

Advanced Software Features

smartest way to unlock 7z file

Straight-forwardly Unlock 7Z file

7Z Unlocker tool will work to recover 7-ZIP password and unlock with rapid process. It smartly retrieves password of any letter sequences or any user-defined printable characters. The password retrieving process will complete without hindering any private data from 7z file.

recover 7z file password instantly

Great speed to Recover Password

Get astounding abilities or strength to recover 7z password within a short time. With the different recovery strategies instantly retrieve 7Z password. Customize settings according to your preferences for speeding up recovery job and directly unlock 7z password.

smart password recovery methods

Progressive Recovery Strategies

7z Password Unlocker offers superior technique which generates the instant and guaranteed 7z password recovery results. Open password protected 7-ZIP file it retrieves 7z file password with the recovery strategies like- Brute Force, Mask, and Dictionary attack.

customize recovery method settings

Recovery Modes Customization

Customize settings in recovery modes to increase software performance. Set password length, select character set, add known part, input mask string, and dictionary file editing. With these options rise the chances of accurate results for password recovery.

recover password of all character combination

Supports UNICODE Characters

7Z Unlocker software support both ANSI and UNICODE format characters for password recovery. Password character of character set combination from any language users can recover easily without any doubt.

all 7z/7zip file support

Support All Type of 7Z Archives

7z Password Unlocker tool will easily recover password of all 7Z/ZIP archive file versions, including- versions 3.x-10.x. This 7z Unlocker tool will recover password of all types of 7z or 7Zip file which Is generated from any device or any file compression/archiving software.

password recovery status

Password Recovery Status

It simplifies the entire 7z Password unlocking procedure for a non-technical user. This is GUI based software and the recovery job users can done with simple clicks. In addition, during the recovery process it provides the status of recovery process to users.

Works on Windows Computer

7z file Unlocker tool specially created for Windows O/S Based devices. Run this tool, without no problems on computers running on any Windows O/S edition. Download, install and use on Win11, Win10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7, Win Vista, Win XP, and all below editions.

free 7z password recover/unlock

Free 7z Password Unlocker

For users, who want to first to examine the performance of 7Z Unlocker tool can try demo edition. Company offers a free demo edition to each user to test the software. Free 7z Password Unlocker demo edition provides initial 3-character of password for review.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps to Unlock 7Z file

Launch 7Z Unlocker Software

Download and launch this 7Z Password unlocker software on your windows installed computer.

Select & Add Encrypted 7Z file

Add 7Z/7ZIP Archive files those are password protected into the software for password recovery process.

Recover & Unlock 7Z Password

Select Brute Force, Mask or Dictionary attack and start 7Z password recovery with selected option and unlock 7Z file easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use this most excellent 7z password removeror tool to open password protected 7-ZIP file is this: -

  • Download and then install 7z Password Unlocker Tool.
  • Next, open 7Z Password Unlocker and Browse locked 7z file.
  • Select any one recovery mode from the available 3 recovery strategies.
  • Apply the required changes and click on Recover to start recovery.

Note: Users can 7-ZIP password Recovery tool's free demo edition that recover 3 characters of 7-Z file password for free.

Surely, you can get back the 7-Z password, with this 7 Z Unlocker tool. For your scenario, the best method is Mask Attack. Use it for only recovering your forgotten letters.
No, this 7 ZIP Unlocker software does not support MAC OS. But you can try it on any editions of Windows OS up to win 11.
You can attempt any recovery strategy according to your password and your requirement. But for users who don't know any character of their password, our suggestion is they must try Brute Force Attack to recover 7 ZIP password.

Don't take the stress! Make use of this 7-ZIP Password Cracker and recover lost 7-ZIP password with the following steps: -

    First Choose the Brute for attack and apply the settings: -

  • Select range of the password: Minimum length=1 and Maximum length=16.
  • Choose character sets like- A-Z, 0-9, etc which can be included in the 7-Z file password.
  • Finally, hit on Recover and unlock 7 ZIP file password.

Yes... you can use software's dictionary file or create your own dictionary from which you can retrieve your lost password. To do this, you must follow these steps-

  • Select your 7z archive file of which you need to recover password.
  • Choose Dictionary Attack method
  • Select or Import your own dictionary file by clicking on Select File button
  • Press the Recover button to start the recovery process.
  • The software starts the recovery process from your selected dictionary file and provide your 7z file password in a very short time.

YES... This device has inbuilt enough resource to decode 7z archive file without needing 7z archiving software.
That's very useful if you know something about your lost password. You can utilize the Mask Attack method and input your knowing password to the tool. After adding those letters, the software will start the recovery and trace whole password characters within a very short period.

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