Important Features of 7z Password Unlocker Software

  • Recover lost 7zip file password even when you don't know what password you set.
  • Very fast scanning engine to analyze protected 7zip file.
  • Recover unlimited 7z file password
  • No limitation of size of 7z Zip file
  • Recovery status available to help users to understand current 7z file password recovery progress
  • 3-types of recovery attacks such as- Brute Force, Dictionary Attack and Mask Attack with Brute Force
  • 100% guaranteed 7z Password Recovery and Unlocking
  • Recovered password can easily Copied to Clipboard
  • Use the software on your ease and unlock 7z file password within minutes
  • Easy and understandable graphical interface
The trail version of software recovers first 3-character password.
7z password unlocker
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unlock 7Z file

Cleanly unlock 7z file

This 7z unlocker tool does it work without interfering with the internal data of 7z file. This can recover 7-ZIP password with any multilingual character or any user-defined printable character.

fastly remove 7z password

Express way to remove 7z password

Hastily crack 7z password with this 7 ZIP Unlocker tool. Password with any intensity or strength is feasible to recover 7z password within minutes.

free 7z password unlocker software

Free 7z Password Unlocker

To check the effectiveness, a free 7z Password Unlocker edition is provided to all potential users. This 7z Password Remover can display first 3 characters of the password for free.

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Working Demo of 7z Unlocker Software

Watch our online video and operate yourself to unlock 7z file password

Windows based password recovery

7z file unlocker tool specially designed for Windows operating system and it can easy install on every version of Windows OS including Win10, Win8, Win7 and all lower versions.

Support all version of 7z archive file

The software for 7z password unlocker can easy to work on every version of 7z Zip archive file including versions 3.x-10.x without any problems.

What you can get with Trail version of Free 7z Password Unlocker Tool

The trail version software can work fully on password protected 7z archive file and gives your first 3-character password for review.

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Distinctive features of 7Z Unlocker Software

7z unlocker software

7-Z unlocker to open locked 7 ZIP file

Open password protected 7-ZIP file

Any user can open 7z password with no trouble by using this 7 ZIP file recovery tool. This 7z Password Cracker brings into play their advance algorithm which assures 7z password recovery.

Brute Force to remove 7z password

Brute Force Attack to recover 7Z file password

The most suitable way to recover/remove 7z password is using Brute Force Attack among all three recovery Methods. Even it can restore any alphanumeric or symbolic 7z file password.

Dictionary attack to unlock 7Z file

Dictionary Attack to remove password from 7Z file

This 7Z password recovery method can be obliging for any 7 Z file password with literary meaning. User can also customize the set of words of the dictionary according to their choice.

Mask Attack by 7 ZIP unlocker tool

Mask Attack to unlock 7z file promptly

Mask Attack is the best ever technique to unlock 7 ZIP file password without taking much efforts. Any clue related to password can be of great help with this tool.

Preview of working statis by 7 Z unlocker tool

A preview of working and status of 7-zip password recovery software

The working mechanism and task status of 7z password Unlocker is previewed to the user. It makes the entire procedure of 7z Password Cracker easy for a non-technical user.

Compatibility of 7z password unlocker

Compatible with each version of 7 ZIP file

This 7z Unlocker Software has been developed keeping all versions of 7z or 7Zip file in mind. Also regular updates are provided to all users. Hence it works fine with any version of 7Z file.

Support to ANSI and UNICODE to remove 7z password precisely

ANSI & UNICODE support

This 7 Z Unlocker tool can support password character set of ANSI as well as UNICODE. Consequently, password character from any language can be recovered and interpreted without doubt.

copy the password in clipboard with 7z Unlocker

Copy to clipboard

After the breaking the 7 ZIP password by this 7z Password Cracker, one can open password protected 7-zip file without any problem. The resultant password can be copied in the clipboard for future use.

Download 7z Unlocker Tool & Specifications


7Z Unlocker supports every edition of MS Windows OS which consists of Windows 10, Win8.1, Win8.0, Win7 and all below versions of operating software. Download 7 ZIP Unlocker for free of cost and unlock 7z file password to remove 7Z password with simplicity.

How Software Works | Specification

Frequently Asked Questions


The most suitable way to open password protected 7-ZIP file is by using intelligent tool like this 7Z password remover to remove 7z password.

  • Download 7z Password Unlocker Tool and install.
  • Open this 7-Z Password Cracker and Browse the file.
  • Choose any one recovery method among the provided ones.
  • Provide password specifications, if known
  • Click on recover and the exact password will be displayed on the screen

Note: The Free trial version of 7-ZIP password Recovery software gives access to recover first 3 characers of the 7-Z password.

Definitely you can get back 7-Z password with this 7 Z Unlocker Software. Just provide the known characters of password in the prefix area and proceed ahead.
No, this 7 ZIP Unlocker tool does not support MAC OS. But you can try it on any version of Windows OS. Or simply run it in Windows environment.
You can try any recovery among all to unlock 7 ZIP file password. But Brute Force Attack is the most favored method to remove 7 ZIP password with any complexity.

Don’t panic! Try this 7-ZIP Password Cracker and get back your lost 7-ZIP password in the following steps:

  • Choose range of the password: Minimum length=1 and Maximum length=16.
  • Select character sets like A-Z, 0-9, etc which can be included in the 7-Z file password.
  • And proceed to unlock 7 ZIP file password.

Client Testimonials


I tried this 7 z Unlocker software and found it really easy to use and helpful as I tend to forget my passwords.

After trying many tool and techniques, I used 7Z password Unlocker Tool. I got my password back in a couple of moments. Now I use this software to unlock 7 ZIP file whenever I’m not able to remember the accurate 7-Z file password.

On the recommendation of my friend, I used the trial version of this 7Z password breaker. And after getting the results, I was highly elated as the password was accurate.

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